Live Green

Giant Tiger is proud to make a difference in our communities! We are working hard to reduce waste and conserve energy, implement efficient recycling programs, and educate our team to make better environmental decisions. Every little bit helps!

LED lighting


Energy conservation offers a tremendous potential for saving the environment and saving money. We can then pass these savings to our customers

Here’s how we are reducing our energy consumption:

  • A majority of our stores now use LED lighting to save energy and reduce lamp replacements.
  • We replaced old refrigeration equipment with new, more energy efficient ones.
  • We are covering our grocery freezers with lids to save energy.
  • We are replacing outdated heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment with more efficient ones.
  • We are installing building automation systems to optimize our stores’ heating, cooling and lighting.
  • New stores are built to exceed the latest energy codes.

As a result, in 2017, we implemented energy-saving initiatives that are estimated to save over 8,000 MWh of electricity annually. The projects we have implemented since 2012 have already saved an estimated 23,000 MWh of electricity – enough to power around 2,000 average Canadian homes per year!

Recycling materials


Living green means recycling more materials in our stores and offices, so as to reduce waste in landfills and decrease consumption of our natural resources.

We continuously look for new recycling initiatives that reduce waste being sent to landfills:

  • In 2017, we recycled over 9 million kg of cardboard and paper, and 878,790 kg of plastic.
  • When equipment is replaced in stores, old equipment such as fluorescent lamps, refrigeration, and cooling is properly recycled.
  • Our plastic shopping bags contain 10% recycled material and are manufactured domestically.
Reusable shopping bags


By changing our habits, we can develop more efficient ways to reuse materials, so as to save our planet and reduce overall expenditures:

  • We encourage you to use reusable shopping bags as much as possible. In fact we'll give you 3¢ off your purchase for every reusable bag we fill. Not only does this help divert plastic bags from landfill BUT it also saves you money!
  • We reuse our display fixtures and refrigeration equipment as much as possible when relocating a store or undergoing a major renovation.
  • When possible, unsold merchandise is donated to charities instead of being taken to landfills.
  • When possible, stores partner with local food banks to take in product that is no longer sellable but is edible.

Awards & Recognition

Giant Tiger is always honoured to be recognized for our environmental initiatives. Here are a few:

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